Innovative Car Technologies to Watch in 2020

Innovative Car Technologies to Watch in 2020

Coming years from 2020 will brings a lot of advancement in automobile technology moving human beings closer to automated cars. In this year too many big and small players bought or planning to bring new technology the latest car versions giving more safety and comfort. The automobile industry has improved considerably since 1769 when steamed automobiles were first bought to roads revolutionizing the transport system. Many years after in 1885 Karl Benz and henry ford set up mass assembly units to produce a number of cars to people.

In 19th century betterment’s in automobiles, technology was aimed at automobiles having enough power to keep the world moving on roads with convenience. Coming next year all major players concentrated on safety, speed, elegant interiors and most crucial of all features performance. Talking of the current era’s aim of automobile makers is to move towards automation as well as to create a car that is safest, very comfortable and above all economy.

People today love to buy cars with proven technology and this year 2020 will see many latest advanced car technologies. Let’s go through some of the exciting technologies that will revolutionize the car segment and worth watching.

Autonomous cars – This year will bring autonomous cars that mean driverless vehicles moving on roads though it will be under particular conditions. We know google and uber are already working on the concept of autonomous cars and it will materialize soon.

Driver safety system – Current year will see technology bringing more safety systems for drivers by cancelling driver’s commands and will have the capacity to take decisions to speed up or stop the car. In case of an emergency, the car will automatically stop even if the driver gives the command to speed up.

Vehicle tracking technology – Many governments and insurance companies are working on the project for an effective vehicle tracking system quite a new technology. Cars who have covered fewer miles and those cars will have fewer insurance fees.

Biometric car access – Biometric access is today used in mobile phones and in many corporate offices but efforts are already in progress to have this system in cars also. The year 2020 will probably see cars having features of biometric access, particularly with fingerprints to enter as well as start the car this is something very rare one but will make cars more secure for car owners.

Clear window displays – The technology of head-up displays has covered a long distance since 20 years ago when the displays were not so clear. In this year 2020, we can hope to see high-quality windscreen glass that can display bright images of navigation system helping car driver to turn left or right.

Shutting down car from far away – Though we all know cars can be locked from a certain distance what if one comes to be aware that cars can be shut down remotely. This technology though exists as many companies have developed technology to shut down stolen cars from sitting far away from a wonderful option for police and car owners. This facility of remote shutting car is going to shut down car remotely is undoubtedly much-required technology.

Car with solar panels – As the sources of petrol are being reduced due to its excessive use, people are shifting to cleaner source of energy that is solar power. Today with the availability of solar power has become very easy as they are being used in household as well as commercially to generate energy, now the move is using this wonderful technology in the automobile sector in form of solar panels. Now the solar cars made will have solar panels on the roof to generate power that will run the cars.

Four Cylinders cars – In this year 2020 we will all see cars with four cylinders for a more powerful performance. This car will have more horsepower that will allow better speed plus usual safety and elegant features.

Health monitoring in cars – Most people will be happy to know if the car they are driving has an imbibed health monitoring system specially the people who are facing some health issues. The number of people in today’s world is facing problems related to heart and diabetes so many car makers are thinking to place sensors in wheels that will link with devices warn on hands to cautious the person in advance if he requires any medical facility.

Automatic boom gates – Many people will be surprised and happy if the coming cars this year will have feature of automatic boot gates. Many time person hands are full of luggage so having this wonderful feature the smart car will open the boot gates automatically for the person so that luggage kept comfortably.

The automobile sector has travelled a long distance since the inception of cars and various vehicles and now we should be thankful to all technology people for gifting such smart features in the car to make the right more choice and much convenient.

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