Journey of Brand: Born to Success

Journey of Brand: Born to Success

Building a brand is not an overnight task it takes time and carefully planned strategies to make the products stand out distinctively. Research data says more than 60% of people prefer to buy branded items. Before one analysis the process of how brands are born it is a must to know what brand means. The brand is what the company’s target audience perceives about the company as a whole. One can say the brand is the trust and reputation that takes years of consistent efforts in maintaining long term relations with customers group company is targeting.

Every brand building process starts with the process of defining the purpose behind the brand and answering the four questions around which whole strategies will revolve. Company targeting for branding must be clear about what products or services are being offered and the reason behind the company’s existence. It is also very crucial as to how’s the company different from competitors.

The actual process starts with figuring out the position of the company in the particular brand category and the number of competitors operating in the market. It is good to do some research about the brand of the main competitor or main ones as this exercise helps the company to make their brand distinct thereby convincing the customer to purchase the company’s products.

The actual foundation of any brand-building process is defining the target audience very precisely which means it has to be very specific. As the target audience is narrowed then focusing and conveying brand messages becomes convenient for the company. The next step in this process is the positioning statement by the company in one or two lines that will help the company compete for the brand building using it in brand messaging.

Carving brand personality

Polishing brand personality is just as crucial as a person’s personality and the company should convey all important details in all marketing campaigns to the audience being targeted. The company must make sure that every minute detail like color, images, designs, tone and communications about must be crystal clear. Every plan and strategy about branding should perfectly support the brand personality and if not plans must be changed to keep the brand alive.

Consistency along with flexibility

Popular brands today are still at the top for their consistent efforts to remain highlighted to the customers they are normally targeted. Consistent efforts are required to give strength to the brand identity but along with flexibility in strategies is a must to keep brand fresh as well as alive.

Regular auditing

Branding is not a static process but a dynamic one that clearly means once a strong foundation has been laid that does not means process ends. Rather one has to be very sure that all actions of the company give a total contribution towards the growth of the brand. Regular auditing points out the flaws in the actual results as against the planned strategies so that any deviation from the planned path can be sorted out.

Choosing accurate social media

We are all living in the digital era where the majority of customers and companies have their presence on varied social media. To interact with their customers every company has to select proper social media to get desired results. Selecting a media where your company’s customer group targeted is not active can spoil the entire process so proper research must be carried out while opting for social media.

Building brand identity

Brand identity is about what the company’s brand communicates which is the value of the product for the customer. It is true branding is all about leaving a good long-lasting impression on the customers even after the sale of the product and its consumption. A good brand lives in the heart and mind of a person that is necessary for the survival of any business. There are so many brands that have survived the tests of time as they not only satisfy existing customers but also taps the mind of new ones by delighting them with product value.

Originality in the branding process

To have a strong brand means carving out a niche among the tough competition and for that company has to think distinctively as well as uniquely. There are so many success stories of popular brands but avoid the temptation to imitate them blindly. The customer today is much smart and expects something new to get their minds engrossed. Company while targeting to build brands must be creative bringing some novel innovation while communicating with the customer group that is targeted.

A company with successful brands have always respected its customers by keeping the promises made to them. Every brand is based on the trust and credibility of customers on the company that they are receiving value out of a brand that the company is giving. Repeating old messages can irk the customers that can be bad for the company’s brand so try giving some fresh crispy messages to give the customer a reason to continue using your brand.

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